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                                    8th April 2020


                                    It's business as usual for everyone here at Change. We are able to call all our clients...

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                                    Monica Crisp
                                    Chief Executive Officer - Headhunter -
                                    Talent consultant for retained searches
                                    Direct line: +44 (0) 7973 413060
                                    Skype: monica.crisp
                                    Sophie Huggins
                                    Talent Consultant

                                    Direct line: +44 (0)207 193 7276
                                    Skype: sophie.huggins.change
                                    Lyndsey Cooper
                                    Talent Acquisition Expert
                                    Direct line: +44 (0) 207 193 5633
                                    Skype: lyndsey.cooper.change
                                    Louise Spurr
                                    Direct line: 0207.193.7276
                                    Skype: louise.spurr.change
                                    Austin Hayes
                                    Talent Consultant
                                    Direct line: 0044 7411 033887
                                    Skype: austin.hayes.change
                                    Stuart Holliday
                                    Stuart is a performance coach who works in conjunction with our Talent Solution operation. He helps to get the best out of your staff.
                                    Direct line:
                                    Skype: stuart.holliday.change
                                    Eva Johansson
                                    Eva is a HR specialist and recruitment expert. She is a well known figure in gaming recruitment. She helps with our talent solution operation.
                                    Direct line:
                                    Skype: eva.johansson.change
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                                    De Beauvoir House
                                    115 Mortimer Road
                                    N1 4JY
                                    United Kingdom
                                    t: +44 (0)207 193 8779
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